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125th Street Rezoning Project

The Rezoning of the 125th Street Corridor promises to spur economic growth for the benefit of New York City. However, this growth should not come at a cost to the health, environment, or safety of the Harlem community. WE ACT’s 125th Street Rezoning Project is advocating for City leaders to find ways to mitigate the negative impacts of the proposed rezoning before going forward with a decision to rezone. 

As part of our work on this project, WE ACT has developed a document highlighting our Key Concerns Regarding the 125th Street Rezoning (PDF). We have also written a Response to the Proposed 125th Street Draft Environmental Impact Statement (PDF), which we submitted to the New York City Department of City Planning. WE ACT is organizing and equipping community residents, business owners and other stakeholders in the vicinity of 125th Street to be part of the rezoning process and to advocate for the sustainable development of their community.

Details about the proposed rezoning are available here.

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