WE ACT Led EJ Forum Re-Grants Funds to Boost Advocacy for Clean Power Plan


The Environmental Justice (EJ) Forum, a coalition of 33 of grassroots environmental justice organizations coordinated by WE ACT’s Dr. Jalonne White-Newsome, is currently engaging in a campaign to elevate the voices of environmental justice communities in the state implementation process for the EPA's Clean Power Plan. In order to support this effort, the EJ forum came together to re-grant funds from the New York community trust and the Flora Hewlett foundation to six forum members:

 Advocates for Environmental Health and Human Rights, New Orelans, LA

Main campaigns and areas of work:

  • Defending and advancing the human right to a healthy environment
  • Protecting the human rights return with dignity and justice after Hurricane Katrina

 Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice, Hartford, CT

Main campaigns and areas of work:

  • Protecting urban environments primarily in Connecticut

 Jesus Peoples Against Pollution, Columbia, MS

Main campaigns and areas of work:

  • Created in response to an explosion at a local chemical plant
  • Educating and informing impacted communities so that they can better understand the relationship between environmental exposure and disease

 Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, Kentucky  

Main campaigns and areas of work:

  • Protecting the people who live in areas where coal is mined
  • Promoting a just economic transition for Appalachian mountain communities
  • Reforming and renewing Kentucky's Rural Electric Cooperatives
  • Promoting sustainable energy
  • Voting rights: erasing obstacles created by racism, economic disparity or the unjust power of money in our electoral system

Little Village Environmental Justice Organization (LVEJO), Chicago, IL

Main campaigns and areas of work:

  • Developing a local climate adaptation plan and creating a climate vulnerability and assets index and mapping system
  • Advocating for three legislative policies that support a just transition to a new economy based on renewable energy sources and family supporting jobs
  • Promoting local solutions and policies that strengthen responsible recycling, composting, and zero waste programs

 Center for Race Poverty and the Environment, San Joaquin Valley California

Main campaigns and areas of work:

  • Community-based legal advocacy
  • Using the Civil Rights Act to protect of people of color from environmental hazards.
  • Cleaning up the dirtiest air in the country through promotion of stronger air regulations, higher pesticide standards and keeping mega dairies and factory farms out of already burdened communities.
  • Addressing the disproportionate impact of climate change on low-income communities and communities of color.
  • Breaking the cycle of poverty through community based and owned economic programs.
  • Fighting violation prone toxic waste dumps and advocating for a just, state-wide policy to responsibly handle waste while protecting civil rights and encouraging healthy communities.

 WE ACT is looking forward to working together with these allies in the fight for a just, healthy, green energy transition.