House Vote to Reduce EPA Budget Risks Health of EJ Communities

September 14, 2017
Brooke Havlik, 212-961-1000 ext. 320,

Washington, DC — In the wake of two devastating hurricanes, exacerbated by climate change, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a government spending bill today, mainly along party lines (211-198), which included a funding reduction of $568 million compared to FY2017 for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and related agencies.

In response, WE ACT’s Federal Policy Director, Dr. Adrienne Hollis released the following statement:

“The House vote to cut funding from the already skeletal EPA budget is unsettling to communities across the United States who are struggling with toxic air, unsafe water, or climate threats. The House Republicans who voted for this spending bill are turning their backs on years of progress for low income residents and communities of color, who should be able to rely on the federal government to enforce strong and equal protection of public health. Funding cuts that will impact programs such as the environmental justice and tribal programs are unacceptable and shameful. While Congress may see this as a short term solution to reduce the federal budget, the health effects of cutting EPA programs will cost our country in the long run.

WE ACT demands the U.S. Senate make the right decision to pass a spending bill that protects  frontline communities from environmental hazards. Despite today’s vote, our organization will continue to fight against environmental injustice while being persistent in advancing our work at the state and local level. Every individual deserves the right to live in a healthy community with clean air, water, and soil.”


WE ACT for Environmental Justice is a Northern Manhattan membership-based organization whose mission is to build healthy communities by ensuring that people of color and/or low income residents participate meaningfully in the creation of sound and fair environmental health and protection policies and practices. WE ACT has offices in Harlem, NYC and Washington, DC. Visit us at and follow us on Twitter @weact4ej.

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