Asthma Policy Agenda


WE ACT for Environmental Justice has a long history of working to address asthma and the disproportionate rates of asthma that environmental justice communities must endure, from publishing our Unequal Air and Care: Federal Impact on Pediatric Asthma Disparities in 4 U.S. Cities report to getting the Asthma-Free Homes Act passed by the City Council.

We are now developing a Unified Asthma Policy Agenda that addresses housing, transportation, workers, land use, healthcare, climate, education, and more with asthma in mind. We are also creating a Community-Based Asthma Research Toolkit, which will be an evidence-based, accessible, and adaptable toolkit for community groups seeking to conduct asthma assessments.

You can learn about asthma and our work by downloading this presentation (PDF). But you can also help us shape our work!

Do you or someone you know have asthma? Do you have any thoughts about where we can take our work? We would love to interview you about your experience, your challenges, and your ideas to learn how we can better advocate for policies that impact your health. Click here and our team will reach out to you!



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