Clean Air For The Long Haul: Dare to Breathe



We are Clean Air for the Long Haul — a powerful, diverse coalition of frontline activists and organizers leading the charge on federal rulemaking campaigns to reduce air pollution from power plants, cars, and trucks. 

We’re not afraid to call out industry for their greed and obstruction, and we’re relentlessly lobbying the EPA to deliver clean air and other health supporting policies to the overburdened communities across the country that need it most.

This is about  justice. This is about fairness. This is about thriving, not just surviving. 

We’re here for the long haul. We’re here to win.






Frontlines to the Front
Our communities are centers of power, knowledge, stories and solutions. Far too many of our EJ communities have their lungs damaged or their lives cut short, so they must be first in line to benefit from pollution reductions. Enhancing our communities’ health will unlock more leadership, joy, culture and creativity into the world. 

The Audacity of the Facts
The silent killer of toxic air is worse than most people think – especially considering the inequities of who breathes the most polluted air in America: primarily Black, brown and low-income communities. We are highlighting the most shameful and shocking ways that Air Quality Segregation is experienced across the United States, educating to spark awareness and action – and demanding swift, aggressive action from the EPA.

Clean Air to Thrive, Not Just Survive
Clean air isn’t a privilege, it’s a human right. Our friends and family members lose years of their lives and live with debilitating illnesses caused or amplified by bad air. Justice demands more than just mitigating the worst pollution — it demands that people, especially those who’ve experienced the worst air pollution, are made whole.



Dare to Breathe is a campaign from Clean Air For The Long Haul, a nationwide coalition of environmental justice groups working together to win major federal emissions reductions in the power and transportation sectors. Coalition member organizations include: Alternatives for Community and Environment, Clear Air NOW, Coalition of Community Organizations, Deep South Center for Environmental Justice, Duwamish River Community Coalition, GreenDoor Initiative, New Jersey Environmental Justice Alliance, South Bronx Unite, Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services, WE ACT for Environmental Justice, West End Revitalization Association, and Wisconsin Green Muslims.


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