Defend Local Law 97

In New York City, nearly 70 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions – the air pollution that fuels climate change – come from buildings burning fossil fuels. More than 1,000 New York City residents are killed each year by pollution from fossil fuel use in our buildings, and the majority of those fatalities happen in communities of color and low-income.

That is why we help pass Local Law 97 of 2019, which requires New York City building owners to meet pollution reduction targets by optimizing building energy systems to make them more efficient. For example, landlords of buildings in excess of 25,000 square feet must reduce their buildings emissions by 40 percent by 2030 and ensure they are emissions-free by 2050.

The law went into effect this year. And we are starting to see the pushback from landlords and the powerful real estate lobby. There have been legal challenges, and a City Council Member has even introduced legislation – Intro 772 – intended to undermine this law.

We are gearing up for a fight on this. And you can help by clicking here to tell your City Council Member not to support Intro 772 and defend Local Law 97 and the climate justice it will bring to New York City!


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