WE ACT’s Faces of Flood Zones in Northern Manhattan

A New York City Climate Week – Sept. 23rd-29th – Social Media Campaign

To better illustrate the impact of flooding driven by climate change in our communities, WE ACT for Environmental Justice and its partners are running a social media campaign during New York City’s 2019 Climate Week (Sept. 23rd-29th) that humanizes the issue by showcasing the people who live or work in these flood zones.

During the month of September, we are inviting people (download flyer) who live or work play in Northern Manhattan flood zones to take a photo of themselves in front of their home, job, or any other personally significant place that may be impacted by flooding. This place can simply be a favorite waterfront park or hangout. To determine if your place is in a flood zone, click on this link to see a map of Northern Manhattan flood zones (or scroll down to see if you are in any of the turquoise areas).

Once you have the photo, we ask that you email it to photos@weact.org by no later than Sept. 29th (the earlier the better) and include your 1) name, 2) location of the photo (whether a specific street address or simply the neighborhood), and 3) any comment you want to make about flooding along with any social media handles you want us to tag. We will collect these photos and start sharing them on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram) with the #FacesOfFloodZones hashtag beginning on Sept. 23rd. We will also add them to this web page.

Example of a #FacesOfFloodZones social media post.

And as we get closer to Climate Week, we will be adding additional information to this page, including information about flood zones, the role that climate change plays in flooding, how flooding can affect health, and how to prepare for these floods. If you have any questions, contact Sonal Jessel, WE ACT’s Policy and Advocacy Coordinator, at sonal@weact.org or 212-961-1000 ext. 312.


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