New York State Transportation Alliance

WE ACT partnered with UPROSE, Empire State Future and the Tri-State Transportation Campaign to form the New York State Transportation Equity Alliance (NYSTEA), a coalition that addressed transit equity concerns and promoted an equitable transportation system for all New Yorkers.

What is Transportation Equity?

Equitable transportation is people-centered, protects our health and communities, prioritizes sustainability, gives everyone a voice in the planning process and is the underpinning of a vibrant economy.

What did the campaign call for?

Transportation affects us all, but some New Yorkers are disproportionately more burdened by the inadequacies of our transportation system; particularly low-income residents, communities of color, the disabled, the elderly, and children. NYSTEA worked for fair transportation, and all other riders of transportation, across New York State’s urban, suburban, and rural places.

Why do we need Transportation Equity?

Transportation determines how we get to the places where we live, work and play. Unfortunately, the transportation system in New York is flawed due to imbalanced funding that favors cars over other modes of transportation. As a result, residents across the state are facing transit service cuts, increased travel costs, negative health impacts, environmental degradation, reduced access to jobs and risks linked to climate change.

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