Northern Manhattan Climate Action (NMCA) Plan

A plan to create resilience in the face of the disproportionate impacts of climate change on poor and working class communities.

The Northern Manhattan Climate Action (NMCA) Plan is the result of a community-based planning process held from January through July of 2015. The process included seven public workshops, hundreds of community members, dozens of meetings with partners and city agencies, and countless other conversations and correspondences.

The NMCA includes recommendations for policy changes and informal local actions that are designed to mitigate environmental impacts while also addressing the systemic inequality that has led to a disparity in political power for poor and working-class communities confronting the advancing effects of climate change. Following the release of the plan in July 2015, WE ACT is continuing to work with community members and other allies to implement the plan’s recommendations. The implementation process is currently being developed with local stakeholders.


Download the full plan here, or contact our communications team for a printed copy.

Funding for the NMCA plan is supported by Kresge Foundation. 

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