Northern Manhattan Waste, Pests, and Pesticide Campaign

WE ACT’s Northern Manhattan Garbage, Pests and Pesticides Campaign used collaborative problem solving techniques to address the problems of inappropriate garbage disposal and rampant rodent and roach infestation in Northern Manhattan, and worked to bring about a transition from current pesticide use to safer alternatives, in order to reduce negative health impacts from pests and pesticide application in this community.

Earth Day Outreach Harlem

The campaign had 3 specific goals:

  • build a collaborative of Northern Manhattan residents and stakeholders who will both determine and ultimately implement the work that is to be done;
  • collaboratively identify and more fully define the specific problems related to garbage disposal, pests, rodents and pesticide use in Northern Manhattan; and
  • empower the Northern Manhattan community through education, training, and outreach to both work towards the full identification of the problems related to garbage and pesticides in this community, and act as key players in the implementation of solutions.

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