Take Action: New York City Fiscal Year 2025 Budget Asks

The climate crisis and other environmental hazards have proven tremendously costly for New York City, in terms of lives and livelihoods as well as damage to infrastructure and the communities where we live. There is an urgent need to make substantial, strategic investments in climate and environmental issues across New York City agencies to mitigate future impacts of the climate crisis and prevent environmental racism.

We are asking that the City Council and Mayor Adams include the following in the Fiscal Year 2025 Adopted Budget:

  • $1 million to the Mayor’s Office of Climate and Environmental Justice (MOCEJ)
  • $7 million per year in funding for community composting operations
  • 1% of the total city operating budget to the Department of Parks and Recreation to make parks – which not only offer opportunities for recreation but also serve a vital role in address the impacts of extreme heat – safer, cleaner, and more resilient
  • $600 million to do deep retrofits and electrify 500 school buildings by 2030 and achieve a net zero emissions school district by 2040.
  • $7 million investment and increased enforcement to transition our buildings and homes off of fossil fuels

Send a letter to the City Council and Mayor AdamsLet them know that New Yorkers deserve a healthier, fairer, more sustainable future where every neighborhood thrives!


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