The Clean Water, Clean Air, Green Jobs Bond Act


The Clean Water, Clean Air, Green Jobs Bond Act
The Clean Water, Clean Air, Green Jobs Bond Act is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to fund critical environmental initiatives here in New York State. It will provide money to clean our drinking water, fix crumbling infrastructure, and improve air quality – and create jobs to get it all done.

We are happy to report that on November 8, 2022, New Yorkers overwhelmingly approved this ballot proposition to provide $4.2 billion for environmental and community projects throughout New York State. The New York State Comptroller can now sell bonds to raise the $4.2 billion, which will be invested in the following areas, with at least 35 percent of these funds – nearly $1.5 billion – being directed to environmental justice communities like ours.

Cleaner Water
Protect our drinking water by identifying and replacing lead service lines, which can contaminate our drinking water with poisonous lead, as well as upgrading water treatment facilities.

Green Jobs & Infrastructure for Our Communities
Upgrading public transportation, sewer systems, roads, bridges, and waterfront access while supporting the creation of nearly 100,000 local jobs with family-sustaining wages.

Cleaner Air
Reducing pollution by replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy and purchasing electric school buses. It will also expand parks, street trees, and other natural areas which can absorb pollution and reduce urban heat.

Cooler Temperatures
Reducing extreme heat and the other impacts of climate change, which disproportionately harm our communities. This will be accomplished by funding street trees, green spaces, energy efficient buildings, community gardens, green roofs, and cooling centers in our communities.

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