Two years ago, we commemorated Juneteenth with a blog post urging you to celebrate the day with a vote. Since then, our right to vote has remained under an escalating, even bolder attack. Juneteenth is meant to be a celebration
Juneteenth 2023: A Call to Action
  In honor of National Public Health Week, we want to call attention to the dangers of indoor air pollution. Homes that use gas stoves expose themselves to unsafe amounts of indoor air pollution. That matters, because Americans spend, on
Clearing the Air on Gas Stoves
Since moving Uptown from the Dominican Republic at the age of three, I’ve lived within a three block radius of a major highway every time we’ve moved. My parents encouraged me to spend as much time as possible outside, completely
A Park Built Upon Environmental Justice
  As we celebrate Juneteenth, we could take some comfort in the fact that it has just been made a national holiday. But we don’t need a holiday – we need justice. And given the efforts to suppress the study
Juneteenth 2021: Celebrate with a Vote

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