As famous rapper J.Cole once said, “Lemme take y’all back man as I do so well…” It’s January 2016. You’re on the way to the gym to keep that New Year’s resolution you had made about being healthier. Driving in
Let’s Rap About Flint
The Health Threats of Substandard Housing and Respiratory Illness in Low-Income Communities Whenever someone asks me where I grew up, I always pay homage to Bushwick, a working-class neighborhood in northern Brooklyn. But some of my earliest memories are from
Home is Where the Heart – and Lungs Are
My name is Castedy Castro, I’m sixteen, and I live in Washington Heights. As a WE ACT intern for a few months, I have learned so much from staff by participating in their activities. For example, WE ACT was given
My Experience With Corbin Hill
Everyone in the United States is entitled to clean, healthy air. However, that is not the reality. WE ACT for Environmental Justice firmly believes in the rights of low income residents and people of color to participate meaningfully in the
Why WE ACT and its Allies Sued EPA for Cleaner Air
On a cool October 28th morning, WE ACT members trekked across the Brooklyn Bridge with 5,000 other New Yorkers to commemorate Hurricane Sandy. “SYSTEM CHANGE NOT CLIMATE CHANGE,” was displayed on one of the signs held by WE ACT members.
Why Local Climate Activism (Still) Matters
September 12th, 2017 is the New York City primaries. It is time to arm yourself with facts on the City Council candidates in Northern Manhattan. We asked candidates* questions on where they stand on key issues related to environmental and
Meet the Candidates: 2017 NYC Primaries

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