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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 9, 2018 Contact: Athena Motavvef, 202-548-4585, New York, NY — Today, community leaders, environmental advocates, and public health groups expressed support of the Clean Power Plan, the first-ever nationwide limit on greenhouse gases from existing
WE ACT Defends Clean Power Plan at NYC People’s Hearing
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 29, 2017 Contact: Athena Motavvef, 202-548-4585, Washington, DC — Yesterday groups across the United States met in Charleston, West Virginia where the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) held their only scheduled hearing on the proposed
WE ACT Travels to West Virginia to Defend Clean Power Plan
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 14, 2017 Brooke Havlik, 212-961-1000 ext. 320, Washington, DC — In the wake of two devastating hurricanes, exacerbated by climate change, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a government spending bill today, mainly along party
House Vote to Reduce EPA Budget Risks Health of EJ Communities
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 29th, 2017 Contact: Brooke Havlik, 212-961-1000 ext. 320, New York, NY — A catastrophic storm has hit southern Texas and Houston, the nation’s fourth largest city, causing unprecedented damage and destruction to local communities. Climate
WE ACT Joins Calls for #AJustHarveyRecovery
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 16, 2017 Contact: Brooke Havlik, 212-961-1000 ext. 320, NEW YORK, NY—Just like dirty air or climate change, hate is an attack on a community’s health that threatens the vitality of our entire society. WE ACT
WE ACT Condemns Hate Speech and White Supremacist Terror

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