While we did not receive approval for our Climate Justice Pavilion this year, WE ACT for Environmental Justice will still be attending COP28 in Dubai to advocate for climate justice and to ensure the voices of communities disproportionately impacted by climate change are part of the dialogue. Below is a list of events in which we will be participating along with contact information to reach us during the conference. We encourage you to check back periodically as we will be updating this page on a regular basis.


Sunday, Dec. 3 – IRA, BIL, & Justice40: Advancing Climate Justice and Community-Led Solutions
1:00 PM at the WWF Panda Pavilion (Building 89 in Section B7) in the Blue Zone
America Is All In will be hosting a panel discussion moderated by the World Wildlife Fund’s Senior Vice President of Climate Change Marcene Mitchell on how to leverage the U.S. policy landscape to advance climate justice and deliver benefits for disadvantaged communities. The panel will elaborate on opportunities and challenges for the Inflation Reduction Act, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and Justice40 to meet the climate justice agenda. The panelists will include WE ACT’s Co-Founder & Executive Director Peggy Shepard, Deloitte’s Government and Public Services Senior Manager (and WE ACT Board Member) Dr. Crystal Upperman, Green Leadership Trust Managing Director Dany Sigwalt, and World Wildlife Fund Senior Director of Climate Federal Policy Elizabeth Lien. WATCH THE REPLAY here.


Monday, Dec. 4 – Open Dialogue on Feminist Global Energy Justice
10:00 AM at the Women & Gender Pavilion (Building 90 in Section B7) of the Blue Zone
The Feminist Green New Deal Coalition will be hosting an open dialogue around feminist global energy justice. As the global mobilization to end the era of fossil fuels accelerates, the Feminist Green New Deal Coalition will create space for open dialogue between feminist climate justice advocates to gather and share their core, actionable principles for just and feminist energy transitions – and to channel those recommendations into US climate policymaking- the world’s largest historical emitter. Read their full Statement of Intent for this project here. WE ACT’s State Legislative Manager Briana Carbajal will participate.


Monday, Dec. 4 – It’s All About the Money: Ensuring Carbon Market Benefits for Communities
4:15 PM at the Zayed Sustainability Prize Pavilion (Stand 103) in the Energy Transition Hub in the Green Zone
In the dynamic landscape of carbon markets, the imperative lies in ensuring that financial gains are not only equitable but also enable communities to actively participate in crucial discussions. Hosted by Concordia, this panel dissects the financial dynamics of carbon markets, aiming not only to amplify community voices but also to foster a collective commitment to environmental justice and sustainable solutions on a global scale. The discussion will include the nuanced aspects of funding support for communities, unraveling strategies to enhance their engagement in fair discussions around new investments, particularly within the realm of large-scale climate initiatives, as well as navigate the intricate pathways of climate finance, emphasizing the paramount need to direct funds to those with durable solutions on the ground. And it will delve into the mechanisms of responsible financial distribution, the discourse will explore how to address challenges and channel resources effectively to communities that embody lasting, impactful solutions for climate resilience. Panelists will include WE ACT’s Co-Founder & Executive Director Peggy Shepard, Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association Deputy Director Shamiso Mtisi, West Africa Blue Partner David Dobrowolski, and possibly Environmental Defense Fund Executive Vice President for Regions and Acting Executive Director Europe Pete Harrison. Deloitte’s Government and Public Services Senior Manager (and WE ACT Board Member) Dr. Crystal Upperman will moderate.


Tuesday, Dec. 5 – Carbon Markets, Nature, Rights, and Climate Justice Roundtable Report Launch and Discussion
10:00 AM at the GAUC (Global Alliance of Universities on Climate) Pavilion (Building 90 in Section B7) in the Blue Zone
To have effective, trustworthy markets and nature-based projects that will last, market and project influencers must take into account implementation challenges surfaced by frontline communities and create effective solutions in policy and practice. Namati, Grassroots Justice Network, Columbia University’s Climate School, and WE ACT for Environmental Justice will host a panel discussion exploring the challenges experienced by frontline communities, including a lack of clear information about the markets, consultation or informed consent related to projects, access to fair compensation, access to data about the markets, and access to legal and technical advice related to projects and transactions. The panel will explore solutions to ensure protection for impacted communities amid pressure to quickly create global and national legal frameworks. It will also test the assumptions of projected rapid market growth. The panel will also serve to launch a set of policy considerations surfaced by multi-stakeholder conversations during the “Carbon Markets, Nature, Rights and Climate Justice” Roundtable event during Climate Week in 2023. The report shares documentation, policy recommendations, and next actions that center the impact of communities directly impacted by carbon markets as well as implications for other nature-based credit markets and offsets. Rebecca Iwerks of Namati and the Grassroots Justice Network, Peggy Shepard of WE ACT for Environmental Justice, and Johanna Lovecchio of the Columbia University Climate School will host the event along with Environmental Defense Fund Associate Vice President of Carbon Markets and Private Sector Decarbonization Pedro Barata, who will moderate. Panelists will include IMPACT Founder and Executive Director Mali Ole Kaunga; Derecho, Ambiente y Recursos (DAR) Project Leader Iris Olivera; and Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment Senior Economics and Finance Researcher Ana Maria Camelo Vega.


Tuesday, Dec. 5 – An Inflection Point on Climate Action: Ambitions, Positions, and Partnership Towards Action
1:00 PM at the GAUC (Global Alliance of Universities on Climate) Pavilion (Building 90 in Section B7) in the Blue Zone
Columbia Climate School Interim Dean Jeff Shaman will moderate a discussion with Columbia University President Minouche Shafik,  Bezos Earth Fund President and CEO Andrew Steer, and WE ACT’s Co-Founder & Executive Director Peggy Shepard around how we can work together across sectors with the urgency and scale that the complexity of the climate crisis demands. This climate leaders will discuss the opportunities, their ambitions, positions, and partnerships that shape their perspectives and visions for action and implementation.


Sunday, Dec. 10 – Community-Based Solutions for Climate Justice: Lessons Learned from WE ACT for Environmental Justice
11:00 AM at the Dominican Republic Pavilion (Building 20 in Section B2) in the Blue Zone
WE ACT for Environmental Justice will be hosting a panel discussion on how it has used organizing, research, training, and advocacy to advance climate justice in its community, providing lessons for climate justice supporters throughout the United States and beyond. The panelists will include WE ACT’s Director of Environmental Health Dr. Micaela Martinez, WE ACT’s Director of Civic Engagement & Organizing Pamela Stewart-Martinez, and WE ACT’s Bilingual Community Organizer Marileidy Pimentel Paniagua.


If you would like a representative of WE ACT to participate in a panel or attend an event at COP28, please reach out to Morgan Fritz via Signal (+1-205-394-3525) or email at


For interview requests at COP28, please reach out to Chris Dobens via Signal (+1-718-679-8542) or email at For remote interview requests, please reach out to Ashley Sullivan at +1-917-837-1183 or


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