WE ACT Statement on Controversial Housing Law, 421A

NEW YORK, NY – WE ACT for Environmental Justice has joined in support with coalition partner, Up4NYC demanding that the state reform its controversial housing law, 421 A.

The law provides tax exemptions to developers as a way to encourage them to build in sites that are historically underused. Recently a campaign has taken life to reform the law which many believe gives too much to developers.

In support of this campaign, WE ACT Deputy Director, Cecil Corbin-Mark released the following statement:

«Healthy and affordable housing is a key issue for the majority African-American and Latino residents of Northern Manhattan. Despite the obvious need for affordable units in places like East Harlem and Washington Heights there are millions being spent on developing market rate/luxury units while residents of Northern Manhattan are left in the cold waiting for relief.»

It is time to fix 421a by:

Requiring developers who receive 421a tax breaks to pay workers good wages, in turn providing a pathway for working families into the middle class
Strengthening the 421a program’s affordable housing requirement
Including more transparency and accountability provisions, ensuring companies receiving public dollars follow the rules
Require adequate health and safety protections for workers on these developments

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