WE ACT Statement on Power Plan Coalition

NEW YORK, NY – California, Connecticut, Illinois, New York and Virginia joined a growing coalition of states and cities that plan to back the federal Clean Power Plan (CPP) in what is expected to be a legal battle over implementation. They have filed a counter suit in defense of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, which is facing strong legal opposition from a separate group of 23 states.

In response, WE ACT Director of Federal Policy and Coordinator of the Environmental Justice Leadership Forum on Climate Change, Dr. Jalonne White Newsome released the following statement:

«We applaud these states for supporting President Obama and the EPA in their efforts to reduce carbon emissions. However, in order to truly address the issue of climate change, it is imperative that participating states engage in honest and open conversations with the communities that are the most affected by the negative impact of carbon dioxide and other harmful co-pollutants. Our advocates across the country are exemplifying what meaningful engagement should look like. We will continue to work with the Governors and state agencies to develop a strong, equitable and just compliance plan. We hope that those who stood in support of the EPA will be just as enthusiastic to engage with environmental justice advocates in front-line communities.»

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