Visioning Climate Justice in Northern Manhattan

Please join WE ACT for Environmental Justice, The New School and local colleagues and researchers, on Saturday March 25, 2017 for a workshop in which we will create, visualize, and evaluate alternative options for a more just, resilient, and sustainable future in Harlem and Northern Manhattan. Together we will consider the context of likely future extreme heat events and flooding as a backdrop for developing more desirable futures that include social, ecological, and technical infrastructure innovations. We will do this by creating vignettes, sketches, drawings, and quantitative models to illustrate and analyze futures ideas and narratives that we co-create in the workshop ranging from flood and heat resilience to transportation, food, and housing. It’s your ideas and visions which are most important so please join us!

This workshop is part of the The Urban Resilience to Extreme Events Sustainability Research Network (UREx SRN), an initiative funded by the National Science Foundation, to produce knowledge, models, and instruments that support the development of on-the-ground resilient infrastructure and adaptive capacity for communities facing climate change.

Space is limited so please sign up and spread the word to other members of the community whom we may have missed.

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