Climate Action at Critical NY State Budget Hearing

All mention of climate change has been officially removed from the White House website. Trump is trying to purge facts and peddle denial to line the pockets of his fossil fuel cronies. This is an emergency.

Here in New York, we are NOT standing idly by. We’re pushing our Governor and legislature to go even further in the opposite direction, taking bold and urgent steps to combat the climate crisis, protect vulnerable communities, and create good, green jobs.

On February 13th, the state Environmental Conservation committee will be having it’s annual budget hearing in Albany, and–this year more than ever before–we need to demand that climate action be prioritized in the state budget.

Join us in Albany on Monday, February 13th. RSVP to James Burke to find out all the details & grab a spot on buses going from NYC to Albany.

Here’s the plan: the bus will depart from NYC around 6am. We will get to Albany in time to PACK the budget hearing, which will begin at 9:30am. We’ll make it clear in the room that we expect to see language in the budget that sets into law a requirement that New York decarbonize its economy by 2050, devote at least 40% of energy funding to frontline communities, and ensure key labor protections in the renewable energy industry. Around 10:30am, we’ll leave the hearing and hold a press conference outside, before hopping back on the bus to return to the city around 4 or 5pm


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