Environmental Health & Justice Leadership Training for Adults – Spring 2023

We are excited to announce a new set of Environmental Health & Justice Leadership Training classes for adults, starting February 8th. Participants in this four-course (see below) online training program will learn about environmental and climate justice issues and how to advocate for equitable solutions to address them. There are no prerequisites for these courses, and they are open to anyone 15 years and older. There is no cost, either, though we encourage you to make a donation to help us continue the program and give others the same opportunity. And we ask that if you do sign up, you honor your commitment to attend all the sessions because space is limited and demand is high. Register Here


February 8th: Foundations of Environmental Justice
Participants in this training will become familiar with Environmental Justice terminology, definitions, and case studies of exposure in other communities facing similar issues.

February 14th: Air Quality
Participants will become knowledgeable on the dangers of air pollution, how to identify key pollutants, and recognize the contributors. Participants will also become familiar with Climate Change – triggers, mitigation, and adaptation strategies.

February 22nd: Toxic Products
Participants will be able to learn about harmful products, and toxins that are commonly found in our indoor environments

March 1st: Emergency Preparedness
Participants will be introduced to the topic of emergency preparedness by discussing the different types (biological, chemical, radiological, and weather/home). Participants will learn the necessary components and appropriate application of short- and long-term preparation.

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