February Membership Meeting: Out of Gas, In with Justice

To address the climate crisis, we must decarbonize – shifting away from fossil fuels to renewable energy. This will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and indoor air pollution. And for renewable energy to succeed, we need to electrify our homes and buildings (and transportation systems, but we’ll address that another day) because the easiest and most efficient way to distribute the power from renewable energy is via electricity. That’s what makes decarbonization and electrification the new “power couple.”

At our February Membership Meeting, at 10 AM ET on February 13, we will introduce you to a new campaign we’re working on, and the Out of Gas, In with Justice pilot program we’re leading. The goal is to decarbonize and electrify homes and buildings throughout New York State, eliminating the need for gas and other fossil fuels while paving the way for the transition to renewable energy. It’s big, bold, and beautiful – a great way to pre-game for Valentine’s Day!

We’re also bringing in an expert to discuss COVID-19 vaccines in Northern Manhattan.

Join us at 10 AM ET on Saturday, February 13 and learn about this statewide project cooked up by the late Cecil Corbin-Mark! RSVP


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