March Membership Meeting: Our 2022 Federal Policy Update

What is WE ACT’s Federal Policy Office doing down in Washington, DC? And how can it impact you? To find out, join us for our March Membership Meeting at 10:00 AM EST on Saturday, March 12, 2022.

We will begin the meeting with presentations from our Membership Planning Committee candidates. If you are a member that is interested in becoming a candidate for the Membership Planning Committee, please complete this form.

Then we’ll have our Federal Policy team walk us through the work they are doing on behalf of our community. We established that office in 2012, knowing that often times the solutions we seek for Northern Manhattan require federal support and intervention, and that federal policies and programs often have an impact on communities like ours.

So please RSVP here to join us. And we may have a special guest or two as well!

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