2021 New York City Council District 8 Candidates

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THE NEW YORK CITY COUNCIL is the law-making body of the City of New York and it consists of 51 members from 51 different Council Districts throughout the five boroughs.  The council monitors the performance of city agencies (ex. Department of Education, NYPD, etc.) and makes land use decisions as well as legislating on a variety of other issues. The City Council negotiates the City’s budget with the Mayor and has sole responsibility for adoption of  the city budget. City Council Members provide leadership and guidance to their communities, communicating on behalf of their residents to the Council.



State Committeewoman Tamika Mapp of New York’s 68th Assembly District is a Progressive Democrat running for city council in District 8. Mapp is running against incumbent democrat Diana Ayala in a district that spans from East Harlem to the South Bronx.

Throughout her life, Mapp has overcome many obstacles, as she experienced abuse as a child, giving birth at fourteen and living homeless, but as she says, “I never let myself be a statistic, and I never let hardship hold me back.” Tamika served in the U.S. Army, earned a college degree and is now the founder and CEO of the East Harlem Insurance Brokerage and Tax Service. She is a District 8 native and is currently raising her family in East Harlem.

During her time in office as State Committeewoman, Mapp has helped to pass “Raise the Age” legislation to keep children out of Rikers Island. She started the organization Progressives Educating New Yorkers, which provides formerly incarcerated people with the skills to succeed in the insurance industry. Outside of government, Mapp has dedicated her life to giving back as a Girl Scout leader, small business mentor and PTA President.

When asked why she decided to enter the race, Mapp said that District 8 is “not getting what we need for the community.” Mapp credits her challenges as the cornerstone for her policy, saying that “all of those issues really shaped me to where I see the vision for the community.” She outlined three key issues she wished were addressed when she was younger: mental health services, job training programs and affordable housing.


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