As part of our mission, WE ACT envisions a community that has informed and engaged residents who participate fully in decision-making on key issues that impact their health and community. One of the best ways you can do that is by voting in each and every election. And this page is designed to help you do that. No excuses.


Here are some dates to put in your calendar to put in your calendar:

April 3rd
Deadline to Register to Vote in the Presidential Primary for first-time voters

April 18th
Early Voting for the Presidential Primary

April 28th
Presidential Primary

June 12th
Early Voting for the State & Federal (non-presidential) Primaries

June 23rd
State & Federal (non-presidential) Primaries

October 24th
Early Voting Starts

November 3rd
Election Day

As a 501(c)(3) organization, we cannot tell you who to vote for. But we can give you the tools you need if you want to vote for candidates who support the environment and environmental justice. The following are links that can help you register to vote, get reminders about elections, and learn about the candidates who are running for office.

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