Community Health

As part of our Inwood Climate & Health Project, we are looking for 20-25 volunteers from Inwood who are interested in developing an action plan to address specific health issues driven or exacerbated by climate change in Inwood. This will
Inwood Climate & Health Task Force Meeting
  East Harlem is at a crossroads, facing a number of threats including climate change, development, and gentrification. WE ACT for Environmental Justice, in collaboration with Ascendant Neighborhood Development and the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute, is offering a
We Are El Barrio Climate Resiliency Workshop
East Harlem / El Barrio’s 125th Street corridor boasts the natural assets of a world-class cultural, business, and transportation center that could anchor good jobs, small businesses, green public spaces, and other services for the people who live, work, and
East 125th Street Community Visioning Action Plan
Join us and get to know some other Harlem residents while embracing healthy habits at a FREE 3-6 mile “fun run” on Earth Day! WE ACT is collaborating with Harlem Run, “a collective of runners passionate about running and community. Strong,

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