Energy Insecurity

Our Homes Under Our Control campaign is urging New York State legislators and the Governor to pass legislation that will lower rent and utility bills for everyday New Yorkers, stop subsidizing the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure, and give renters
Housing and energy are basic human rights. In New York, these two necessities have been co-opted by bad actors to become for-profit commodities. The real estate industry and the fossil fuel industry both make billions of dollars for their investors
Our Homes Under Our Control
  Steps for Self-Enrollment into your Electric/Natural Gas Utility’s Energy Affordability Program    What is the Energy Affordability Program (EAP)? The NYS Energy Affordability Program / Low-Income Bill Discount Program provides income-eligible consumers with a discount on their monthly electric
Sign Up for New York State’s Energy Affordability Program
Are you struggling with utility debt? Energy bills have been skyrocketing and since the beginning of the pandemic, almost two million New Yorkers have fallen behind on their utility bills. That is why we have teamed up with the Public
Utility Debt Relief Workshop
Challenge In addition to the staggering human toll of COVID-19, the pandemic left many New Yorkers without a source of income, making it increasingly difficult to pay their bills – including their utility bills. In fact, more than one million
Utility Debt

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