Environmental Health

WE ACT for Environmental Justice and Clean and Healthy New York released a report written by WE ACT’s Director of Policy Sonal Jessel, M.P.H. and Clean and Healthy New York’s Executive Director Bobbi Wilding, M.S. on policy recommendations for New
Environmental Justice, Health, and Carceral Facilities
  A Panel Discussion on Toxic Beauty Products in the Queer Community Hair straighteners, skin lighteners, and makeup products can be packed with harmful chemicals that can leave negative impacts on the body. Many of these toxic products are disproportionately
The Family and Fire Fighter Protection Act (S. 4630-A/A. 5418) will remove highly toxic chemicals from homes in New York State. These chemicals are found in many flame retardants, which are often applied to your mattresses, upholstered furniture, children’s car
The Truth About Flame Retardants: They’re Poisoning Us

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