COCO’s (Coalition of Community Organizations) mission is to educate, empower, and enhance lives, to make informed decisions with the goal of obtaining healthy and sustainable communities.

Why is your organization excited for WE ACT’s J40 Community Tour to come to your community?

BIPOC EJ/CJ orgs are at the forefront of these movements because we are the ones living at the frontline and in US sacrifice zones. It’s these communities that are inundated by environmental issues and are impacted both the first and the worst by climate change. The very roots of environmentalism are tied to racial erasure and exclusion, we rely on organizations like We Act and Justice 40rward to help us achieve radical advancement and recalibration of our movements in line with equity, intersectionality and social justice. #itaintaboutthemoment_itsaboutthemovement #ifyoudonthaveaseatatthetable_youareonthemenu

Environmental Justice Leader Spotlight


James Caldwell

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3 Projects we are working on with the community

    1. Developing an Air Monitoring Network with TCEQ, EDF, and TSU.
    2. Disaster Registry with EDF, TAMU and TSU.
    3. Get The Lead Out HISD & Lead Service Line Identification with Environment Texas.
    4. Consulting Support for Impact Fifth Ward (UPRR Creosote Contamination) with Lone Star Legal Aid
      We have 4 major ones as we have several issues here.

What you should know about environmental justice in your community?

Dr. Bullard has been and always will be right about EJ issues in the South from days of protesting with Mickey Leland to walking the streets of Houston with Former VPOTUS, Al Gore October 30, 2022. Your zip code in Houston determines your health and wealth. Your zip code in Houston places you or out of “The Arrow” and highlights whether you are subjected or not to heat islands, illegal dumping, lead services lines, poor air quality, and many other social determinants of health.

“Environmental justice embraces the principle that all communities are entitled to equal protection of our housing, transportation, employment, and transportation. It’s an issue of the right to live in a neighborhood that’s not polluted, a neighborhood where your kids can play outside on the playground that’s not next to a refinery or a chemical plant.” He said, “The quest for justice is no sprint. It’s a marathon relay (where we must) pass the baton to the next generation of freedom fighters.” – Dr. Bullard, “Father of Environmental Justice”, Texas Southern University Bullard Center for Environmental and Climate Justice.

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