Ashley Sullivan

Ashley Sullivan (she/her) is the Senior Communications Manager for WE ACT for Environmental Justice’s Federal Policy Office in Washington, DC. As Senior Communications Manager for Federal Policy, she advances the work of a proactive team through media relations, digital engagement, storytelling, coalitions and community support, communications best practices, and trainings shaping nationwide environmental justice policy, narratives, and outcomes. Ashley has a varied background including 10-plus years of expert communications and digital marketing in the social/environmental nonprofit sector. She holds a Master of Science in Environmental Science & Policy from Johns Hopkins University with a focus on Environmental Justice and a BA in Anthropology with a minor in Biology from Stony Brook University. With previous roles including Director of Storytelling & Marketing at the Jane Goodall Institute, Ashley believes in growing understanding, empathy, and justice to ignite positive change for a better, more equitable world, every day. She is originally from Brooklyn, NY and is currently based in DC.

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