Marileidy Pimentel Paniagua

Marileidy Pimentel Paniagua is the Bilingual Community Organizer at WE ACT for Environmental Justice. She works within WE ACT’s Civic Engagement & Organizing department to increase Latinx membership and achieve grassroots objectives in our campaigns, projects, and initiatives. Marileidy graduated with a BS in Earth Science with a double minor in Community Change Studies and Sociology. While completing her community change studies minor, she did an internship at WE ACT, in the organizing department, doing data entry, outreach, and phone banking for the Organizing department. She followed it up with another internship (this time in sociology) with WE ACT’s Climate Justice Working Group. She wrote a proposal for the Working Group’s food and waste campaign, The role of the community gardens in urban resilience and food justice in Northern Manhattan. She is a proud wife, mother, daughter, sister, and aunt of a Dominican family rising in the Bronx. Marileidy strongly believes that by teaching the community about the environment, the world will have a healthy environment to enjoy. That thought has grown with her since she was in her childhood. “I identified myself as a child of God as God created the world we must have to protect it.”

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