Sarah Salem

Sarah Z. Salem (she/her) is the Director of Community Engagement for the Thriving Communities Technical Assistance Center (TCTAC) at WE ACT for Environmental Justice. In her role, she co-leads the TCTAC program, which provides training and support to environmental justice communities to build capacity for navigating federal grant systems. Sarah received a Bachelor of Architecture from Temple University and her master’s from the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, specializing in Economics and Policy of the Environment, with a focus on Environmental Justice. Before joining WE ACT, Sarah served as the HQ Outreach Director of Community Engagement at GRID Alternatives, focusing on community and tenant care for community solar, multifamily affordable housing, clean mobility, and leading community-based partnerships initiatives. As an Egyptian-American, Sarah has seen firsthand how nations and communities of color are frequently left out of the conversations that impact them the most. In her role, she strives to amplify the voices and stories of those most affected by climate change and injustice and contribute to environmental justice for all.

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