Addressing Public Health and Chemical Exposures: An Action Agenda

National Conversation on Public Health and Chemical Exposures Leadership Council
June 2011

People in the United States encounter thousands of different chemicals in their daily lives and have questions and concerns about how these chemicals may affect their health. Are the products I use every day safe? Are they safe for my children? What is in the air I breathe, water I drink, and food I eat? What accounts for the health problems I see in my community or in my workplace? Where can I go for information I can understand and trust? Despite decades of research and many notable public health protection achievements, there are still significant gaps in our understanding of chemicals and health, and the United States lacks a comprehensive system that fully protects the public’s health from harmful chemical exposures. The recommendations described in this Action Agenda illustrate how we can enhance and continue to build such a system in the United States

Download: Addressing Public Health and Chemical Exposures: An Action Agenda

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