Community Activisim

  Kaméa Chayne had interviewed Peggy Shepard on her Green Dreamer podcast on January 22, 2019. In a March 27, 2019 interview in MindyBodyGreen, Chayne was asked which guest surprised her the most, and she said WE ACT’s Peggy Shepard.
Peggy Shepard in MindBodyGreen – March 27, 2019
WE ACT’s Bilingual Community Organizer and Outreach Coordinator Génesis Abreu spoke with NY1 Noticias (1:33) about the Inwood rezoning plan, explaining that it has not adequately taken into consideration the voice of the community. It’s part of WE ACT’s mission
Génesis Abreu on NY1 Noticias – July 28, 2018

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