Building Healthy, Toxic-Free Communities

Detox the Stores. Detox the Home.

Not all personal, childhood, or cosmetic products found on store shelves are “safe.” Many of these products contain harmful chemicals that have been linked to serious health problems such as birth defects and cancer. Some are directly targeted towards people of color and/or women.

WE ACT for Environmental Justice works with the JustGreen Partnership and other groups to raise awareness of toxic chemicals such as PFAS and phthalates. Through our Beauty Inside Out initiative, we’ve been raising awareness of and developing policies address the use of toxins in cosmetics and other personal care products. In fact, we have been very active in advocating for legislation at the city, state, and federal level on a number of issues involving toxins, including to disclose ingredients in period products, disclose ingredients in children’s products, establish adequate lead hazard standards, and protecting mercury and air toxics standards.

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